Signs of Life (Signs of the Apocalypse, book 1)Novel by L L Akers

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Signs of Life (Signs of the Apocalypse, book 1)
Novel by L L Akers
19 Dec 2021
genre: Science Fiction

L L Akers (Lisa Akers)

Akers is an international best-selling author writing in multiple genres. Akers’ speculative fiction/post apocalyptic work has earned two Top 5 nominations for an Independent Audie Award in 2019-Apocalyptica, and 2020-General Fiction, and moved on as a Top 5 Finalist for Audible of the Year, in 2020.

Genres: Science Fiction

Let Me Go

  1. The Girl in the Box (2017)
  2. The Girl on the Swing (2014)
  3. The Girl in the Sea (2015)
  4. The Girl in Red (2017)


  1. Fight Like a Man (2017)
  2. Shoot Like a Girl (2017)
  3. Run Like the Wind (2018)
  4. Wait Like a Stone (2020)

Black Autumn Saga (with Josh Brooks, Boyd Craven, Arthur Dorst, Adam Fullman, George Grimm, Jeff Kirkham, Paul Knoch, Jason Ross, Chris Serfustini and R Chris Yates)

  1. Fragments of America (2020)

Heart for War

  1. A Heart for War (2021)

Signs of the Apocalypse

  1. Signs of Life (2021)

O’Donnell Classic Western (with Jeff O’Donnell)
Broken Bow (2021)

Let Me Go (2013)

Archie’s Heart (2018) (with Boyd Craven, P A Glaspy and L Douglas Hogan)

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