Nothing to Lose (J. P. Beaumont, book 25) Novel by J A Jance

Nothing to Lose (J. P. Beaumont, book 25) Novel by J A Jance

Nothing to Lose (J. P. Beaumont, book 25)
Novel by J A Jance
22 Feb 2022
genre: Mystery

Judith Ann Jance is an American author of mystery novels. She writes at least three series of novels, centering on retired Seattle Police Department Detective J. P. Beaumont, Arizona County Sheriff Joanna Brady, and former Los Angeles news anchor turned mystery solver Ali Reynolds.

Born: October 27, 1944 Watertown, South Dakota, United States

Genres: Mystery

J. P. Beaumont

Until Proven Guilty (1985)
Injustice for All (1986)
Trial by Fury (1986)
Taking the Fifth (1987)
Improbable Cause (1988)
A More Perfect Union (1988)
Dismissed with Prejudice (1989)
Minor in Possession (1990)
Payment in Kind (1991)
Without Due Process (1992)
Failure to Appear (1993)
Lying in Wait (1994)
Name Withheld (1996)
Breach of Duty (1999)
Birds Of Prey (2001)
Partner In Crime (2002)
Long Time Gone (2005)
Justice Denied (2007)
Fire and Ice (2009)
Betrayal of Trust (2011)
20.5. Ring In the Dead (2013)
Second Watch (2013)
21.5. Stand Down (2015)
Dance of the Bones (2015)
22.5. Still Dead (2017)
Proof of Life (2017)
Sins of the Fathers (2019)
Nothing to Lose (2022)

Walker Family Mysteries

Hour of the Hunter (1991)
Kiss of the Bees (2000)
Day of the Dead (2004)
Queen of the Night (2010)
Dance of the Bones (2015)

Joanna Brady

Desert Heat (1993)
Tombstone Courage (1994)
Shoot, Don’t Shoot (1995)
Dead to Rights (1996)
Skeleton Canyon (1997)
Rattlesnake Crossing (1998)
Outlaw Mountain (1999)
Devil’s Claw (2000)
Paradise Lost (2001)
Partner In Crime (2002)
Exit Wounds (2003)
Dead Wrong (2006)
Damage Control (2008)
Fire and Ice (2009)
Judgment Call (2012)
Remains of Innocence (2014)
16.5. The Old Blue Line (2014)
16.6. Random Acts (2016)
Downfall (2016)
Field of Bones (2018)
Missing and Endangered (2021)

Ali Reynolds

Edge of Evil (2005)
Web of Evil (2007)
Hand of Evil (2007)
Cruel Intent (2008)
Trial by Fire (2009)
Fatal Error (2011)
Left for Dead (2012)
Deadly Stakes (2013)
Moving Target (2014)
9.5. A Last Goodbye (2014)
Cold Betrayal (2015)
10.5. No Honor Among Thieves (2015)
Claw Back (2016)
Man Overboard (2017)
Duel to the Death (2018)
The A List (2019)
Credible Threat (2020)
Unfinished Business (2021)

Naked Came the Phoenix (2001) (with Nevada Barr, Mary Jane Clark, Diana Gabaldon, Faye Kellerman, Laurie R King, Val McDermid, Pam and Mary O’Shaughnessy, Anne Perry, Nancy Pickard, J D Robb, Lisa Scottoline and Marcia Talley)
No Rest for the Dead (2011) (with Jeff Abbott, Lori Armstrong, David Baldacci, Sandra Brown, Thomas H Cook, Jeffery Deaver, Diana Gabaldon, Tess Gerritsen, Andrew F Gulli, Lamia Gulli, Peter James, Faye Kellerman, Raymond Khoury, John Lescroart, Jeff Lindsay, Gayle Lynds, Alexander McCall Smith, Phillip Margolin, Michael Palmer, T Jefferson Parker, Matthew Pearl, Kathy Reichs, Marcus Sakey, Jonathan Santlofer, Lisa Scottoline, R L Stine and Marcia Talley)

Taking the Veil (2018) (with Eric Van Lustbader)

Non fiction
After the Fire (2001)

Dilys Awards Best Book nominee (1992) : Hour of the Hunter

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