Hunting Adeline Novel by H D Carlton

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Hunting Adeline Novel by H D Carlton

Hunting Adeline (Cat and Mouse Duet, book 2)
Novel by H D Carlton
28 Jan 2022
genre: Romantic Suspense
H D Carlton

H. D. Carlton grew up in a small town in Ohio. She suffers by the hands of Mother Nature cursing the area with all four seasons in the span of a week. By day, she does boring adult stuff, by night, she’s putting her imagination into words as her cat climbs all over her. She published a few poems back in her days, but now she is devoted to turning poetry into stories. Stories that feature wicked worlds and the worst kind of villains that don’t talk about themselves in third person.

Born: United States
Genre Romance, Thriller, Suspense

Cat and Mouse Duet

  1. Haunting Adeline (2021)
  2. Hunting Adeline (2022)

Shallow River (2020)
Satan’s Affair (2021)

Heartless Heroes (2022) (with J L Beck, C Hallman, Sonya Jesus, Elizabeth Miller, CE Ricci, Sahara Roberts, LC Taylor, Lola West and D S Wrights)

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