Emma Davies

Emma Davies

Once upon a time I worked in a design agency where I was asked to write an amusing caption to go beside my details on their website. I wrote ‘I am a best selling novelist currently masquerading as a thirty something mother of three.’
Well I’m now a fifty something mother of three and am happy to report the rest came true. I’m a member of The Romantic Novelists’ Association, and live with my husband and children in rural Shropshire. I write in the gaps between real life
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Genres: Romance

Rowan Hill

  1. Letting In Light (2014)
  2. Turn Towards The Sun (2017)

Little Cottage on the Hill

  1. The Little Cottage on the Hill (2018)
  2. Summer at the Little Cottage on the Hill (2018)
  3. Return to the Little Cottage on the Hill (2018)
  4. Christmas at the Little Cottage on the Hill (2018)

Summer & Wynter Mystery

  1. The Mystery of Montague House (2020)

Adam and Eve Mystery

  1. Death in Disguise (2022)
  2. Death at the Dinner Party (2022)

Lucy’s Little Village Book Club (2017)
The Mystery stalker (2019)
The House at Hope Corner (2019)
The Beekeeper’s Cottage (2019)
The Little Shop on Silver Linings Street (2019)
My Husband’s Lie (2020)
The Wife’s Choice (2020)
A Year at Appleyard Farm (2020)
After the Crash (2021)
The Little Island Secret (2021)


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