Dark Places Collection by Madaug Hishinuma and Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark Places Collection by Madaug Hishinuma and Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark Places
Collection by Madaug Hishinuma and Sherrilyn Kenyon
28 Dec 2021
genre: Horror

Sherrilyn Kenyon

aka Kinley MacGregor, Sherrilyn McQueen
Sherrilyn Woodward, married name Sherrilyn Kenyon is a bestselling US writer. Under her married name, she writes both urban fantasy and paranormal romance. She is best known for her Dark Hunter series. Under the pseudonym Kinley MacGregor she wrote historical fiction with paranormal elements
Born: December 11, 1965, Columbus, Georgia, United States
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult Fantasy, Romantic Suspense, Historical Romance, Romance

League: Nemesis Rising

Born of Night (1996)
Born of Fire (2009)
Born of Ice (1994)
aka Paradise City
Fire and Ice (2001)
Born of Shadows (2011)
Born of Silence (2012)
Cloak & Silence (2013)
Born of Fury (2013)
Born of Defiance (2015)
Born of Betrayal (2015)
Born of Legend (2016)
Born of Vengeance (2017)
Born of Rage (2019) (as by Sherrilyn McQueen)
Born of Blood (2019)
Born of Trouble (2018)
Born of Darkness (2023)


Dark Bites (2014)
Fantasy Lover (2002)
aka Julian of Macedon
Night Pleasures (2002)
Dragonswan (2002)
Night Embrace (2003)
Dance with the Devil (2003)
Kiss of the Night (2004)
Night Play (2004)
Seize the Night (2004)
Sins of the Night (2005)
Unleash the Night (2005)
The Dark Side of the Moon (2006)
The Dream Hunter (2007)
Devil May Cry (2007)
Upon the Midnight Clear (2007)
Dream Chaser (2008)
Acheron (2008)
One Silent Night (2008)
Dream Warrior (2009)
Bad Moon Rising (2009)
No Mercy (2010)
Retribution (2011)
The Guardian (2011)
Time Untime (2012)
Styxx (2013)
Son of No One (2014)
Dragonbane (2015)
Dragonmark (2016)
Dragonsworn (2017)
Stygian (2018)
Shadow Fallen (2022)

Dark-Hunter Novellas
The Beginning (2002) (in Sins of the Night)
A Dark-Hunter Christmas (2003) (in Dance with the Devil)
Phantom Lover (2003)
Winter Born (2004)
Second Chances (2005)
A Hard Day’s Night-Searcher (2006)
Until Death We Do Part (2006)
Fear the Darkness (2007)
Shadow of the Moon (2008) (in Dead After Dark)
House of the Rising Son (2016)


The Dream Hunter (2007)
Dream Chaser (2008)
Dream Warrior (2009)
The Guardian (2011)
Shadow Fallen (2022)
Phantom Lover (2003)

B.A.D. (Bureau of American Defense)

Bad Attitude (2005)
Phantom in the Night (2008)
Whispered Lies (2009) (with Dianna Love)
Silent Truth (2010) (with Dianna Love)
Born to Be B.A.D. (2005)

Dark-Hunter Manga

The Dark-hunters Vol. 1 (2009)
The Dark-Hunters Vol. 2 (2010)
The Dark-Hunters Vol. 3 (2010)
The Dark-Hunters Vol. 4 (2011)
Lords Of Avalon: Knight Of Darkness (2009)

Chronicles of Nick

Infinity (2010)
Invincible (2011)
Infamous (2012)
Inferno (2013)
Illusion (2014)
Instinct (2015)
Invision (2016)
Intensity (2017)

Belador (with Dianna Love)

Blood Trinity (2010)
Alterant (2011)
The Curse (2012)
The Rise of the Gryphon (2013)

Chronicles of Nick: Graphic Novel
The Dark-Hunters: Infinity, Vol. 1 (2013)
The Dark-Hunters: Infinity, Vol. 2 (2013)

Dark-Hunter: Deadman’s Cross Trilogy

Deadmen Walking (2017)
Death Doesn’t Bargain (2018)
At Death’s Door (2019)

Naughty or Nice? (2001) (with Carly Phillips, Patricia Ryan and Kathryn Smith)
Tapestry (2002) (with Madeline Hunter, Lynn Kurland and Karen Marie Moning)
Stroke of Midnight (2004) (with Amanda Ashley, L A Banks and Lori Handeland)
Love at First Bite (2006) (with L A Banks, Susan Squires and Ronda Thompson)
Dead After Dark (2008) (with Dianna Love, Susan Squires and J R Ward)
In Other Worlds (2010)
Winter’s Night (2015)

Non fiction
The Character Naming Sourcebook (1994)
The Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life in the Middle Ages (1995)
The Dark-Hunter Companion (2007) (with Alethea Kontis)

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