Boris Bacic

Boris Bacic

Boris Bacic is a horror author who has written more than ten novels, including collections of short horror stories. He’s been writing stories for years, ranging from genres like horror, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, suspense, etc.

Born in Subotica, Serbia
Genres: Horror

Haunted Places

  1. The Door (2020)
  2. Her Home (2021)
  3. Apartment 401 (2021)
  4. Yokai Island (2021)

Creature Encounters

  1. It Came With the Crash (2021)
  2. They Came From the Ocean (2022)
  3. The Came From the Mall (2022)

The Grayson Legacy (2020)
Radio Tower (2020)
Camp Firwood (2020)
The Northern Lights (2020)
The Fertility Project (2021)
The Gathering (2021)
The Corruption (2021)
Ykai Island (2021)
Maria (2021)
Till Undeath Do Us Part (2021)

Scary Stories With B.B. Halloween Collection (2019)
Tales of a Security Guard (2020)
Scary Stories With B.B. (2020)
Scary Stories With B. B. Volume Two (2020)
Beautiful Tragedy (2021) (with Melody Calder, Isobella Dunn, K R Fajardo, Helle Gade, Annelie Janssen, Victoria Larque, Ada Rossi, Anne Samara and Everly Taylor)

Pass it on (2022)
Feel free to Scream (2022)
Just a Bite (2022)


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