Bentley Little

Bentley Little

aka Phillip Emmons
Bentley Little is an American author of horror fiction. Publishing an average of a novel a year since 1990, Little avoids publicity and rarely does promotional work or interviews for his writing.

Born: December 21, 1960 Arizona, United States
Genres: Horror

The Revelation (1990)
The Mailman (1991)
Death Instinct (1992) (as by Phillip Emmons)
The Summoning (1993)
Evil Deeds (1994)
The Night School (1994)
aka University
Dominion (1995)
The Store (1996)
The House (1997)
aka Houses
The Ignored (1997)
Guests (1997)
The Town (2000)
The Walking (2000)
The Association (2001)
The Return (2002)
The Policy (2003)
The Resort (2004)
Dispatch (2005)
The Burning (2006)
The Vanishing (2007)
The Academy (2008)
His Father’s Son (2009)
The Disappearance (2010)
The Haunted (2012)
The Influence (2013)
The Consultant (2015)
The Handyman (2017)
The Bank (2020)
Gloria (2021)

Murmurous Haunts (1997)
The Collection (2002)
Four Dark Nights (2002) (with Douglas Clegg, Christopher Golden and Tom Piccirilli)
Indignities of the Flesh (2012)
Cut Corners Volume 1 (2012) (with Ramsey Campbell and Ray Garton)
The Collection Volume 2 (2017)
Walking Alone (2018)
The Horror Zine’s Book of Ghost Stories (2020) (with Sebastian Crow, Dawn G Harris, Kitty Kane, Joe R Lansdale, Elizabeth Massie, Graham Masterton, Maureen O’Leary, Jeff Parsons and Tim Waggoner)

Hunting (2006)
The Mall (2006)
The Circle (2012)
The Washingtonians (2018) (with Richard Chizmar and Johnathan Schaech)

Bram Stoker Best First Novel winner (1991) : The Revelation
Bram Stoker Best Collection nominee (2003) : The Collection
Bram Stoker Best Novel nominee (2012) : The Haunted


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